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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
214Motives for child homicide by mothers incarcerated in four correctional centres in South AfricaSodi, T.; Malope, N. F.
Nov-1993Background to the renaming campaign and brief explanation around the names of our residencesHousing Central Executive Committee
2004A description of essential service delivery: a case study of Makwarela Town in Thulamela Municpality of the Limpopo ProvinceSteyn, Glen; Tshirado, Ndiafhi
2004Enviromental mining impact on soils around the abandoned Kgwakgwe Manganese mine, Botswana.Ekosse, Ekosse Georges-Ivo
2004The influence of forage legumes on annual fodder grasses in different intercropping systems in the Limpopo ProvinceDannhauser, Christian S.; Boloko, Mahlodi Solomon
2004A Theoretical Study of Alkali Metal Intercalated Layered Metal Dichalcogenides and Chevrel Phase Molybdenum ChalcogenidesNgoepe, P.E.; Kganyago, Khomotso R.; Catlow, C.R.A.
2005An investigation of the level of sanitation inthe Bushbuckrigde local municipality.De Villiers, A; Timba, Flominah Sesani.
2005Heavy metal ion resistance and bioremediation capacities of bacterial strains isolated from an Antimony Mine.Abotsi, E.K.; Sekhula, Ablonia Dihloriso; R.W Becker. R.W.
2005Neuropsychological deficits in Tshivenda speaking children with attention-deficit/hypersensitivity disorderMeyer, J.A.; Mathivha, Mudzunga
2005Teaching about frogs in Grade 7: a case study on integrating indigenous knowledge into the science curriculum.Minter, Jean Elizabeth
2005The structure and significance of Nothern Sotho traditional songs with specific reference to children.Mabitsela, Ablonia Dihloriso
2005Towards developing a policy framework on risky behavior among commercial sex workers: an intervention research studyMalaka, D.W.; Mabuza-Mokoko, Evodia; Malekgota, Anna
2005Coping strategies of African mothers of children diagnosed with behavioral problems.Mashego, Keitumetse
2005The management of disciplinary measures in the Public Sector with reference to the Department of Agriculture in Limpopo ProvinceMatsetela, Samuel Dioka
2005Towards developing a policy framework on risky behaviour among commercial sex workers: an intervention research studyMabuza-Mokoko, Evodia Malekgotla Anna
2005Application of computer simulation methods to the study of Platinum Group mineralsNtoahae, Petros Senauoa
2005Price asymmetry in South African futures markets for agricultural commoditiesMoholwa, M.B.; Mashamaite, Makwena Phistos
2005Liability of directors and other persons for fraudulent, reckless and grossly negligent tradingMatlala, D. M.; Malange, Nkhangeni Jerry
2005Computer simulation study of apatite mineral surfaces and interfaces with silicatesNgoepe, P.E.; Mkhonto, Donald; de Leeuw, N.H.
2005Ab initio study of cohesive, electronic and elastic properties of ordered cubic-based Mg-Li alloysNgoepe, P.E.; Phasha, Maje Jacob; Pettifor, D.G.