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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005Impact of HIV/AIDS on household farm labour in rural farming communitiesAnim, K.; Thindisa, Mahlogedi Victor
2005A comparative study of the employment equity at the Univerity of Limpopo and the University of Venda for Science and TechnologyAjani, Yetunde
2005The impact of TB treatment interruption on the socio-economic situation of the family at Ba-Phalaborwa, Mopani DistrictGovender, S.; Mphogo, Mphele Agnes
2005Cucumis myriocarpus biotest solutions with antihelmintic and antibacterial solutionsMuedi, Hangwani Tshisevhe Hamilton
2005Towards an effective and efficient financial management system at Bankuna High School of the Department of Education in the Limpopo ProvinceVan Zyl, J.; Gana, Clifford Velapi
2005Women abuse as expressed in Tshivenda female songsMilubi, N.A.; Rabothata, Thambatshira Tannie
2005Statistical correlations between extractable Ca, Mg, K and P from fresh and laboratory prepared soil samplesFouche P.S.; Moshia, Matshwene Edwin; Vanassche F.M.G.
2005Impact of poverty alleviation projects on rural women in Bohlabela : Limpopo ProvinceRuhiiga, T.M.; Tshabangu, Siphiwe Noster
2005Host-status of cucumis myriocarpus to meloidogyne incognita.Mofokeng, Maletsema Alina
2005How do schools manage safety?Monkwe, C
2005Derivational morphology in Tshivenda: an analysis of word-formation processes.Nengovhela, Matodzi Alpheus
2005Comparison of water quality between sources and between selected villages in the Waterberg District of Limpopo Province; South Africa: with special reference to chemical and microbial quality.Makgoka, Seretloane Japhtaline
2005The assessment of the therapeutic and toxicological properties of carpobrotus acinaciformis and schkuhria pinnata used in traditional medicine in South AfricaKahler, C. P.; Yengkopiong, P. J.
Apr-2005Towards a novel fruit crop : Micropropagation and genetic transformation of the indigenous fruit tree marula, Sclerocarya birrea subsp.caffraGoyvaerts, E; Goyvaerts, E.; Mollel, Margaret Huruma Naftali
2006An investigation of unemployment at Tshiheni village : Limpopo ProvinceRuhiiga, T.M.; Nemalili, Nkhumeleni Patricia
2006An examination of the impact of political interference in administration with specific focus on the Department of Health and Social Development in Limpopo.Seloba, P.P.
2006Exploration of geometrical concepts involved in the traditional circular buildings and their relationship to classroom learningMaoto, R. S.; Seroto, Ngwako; Mosemege, M. D.
2006Management of learner supervision through principals' control of punctuality in primary schools in Mopani District.Mbalati, Basani Violet
2006Evaluation of the employment and integration strategies of persons with disabilities in Limpopo Department of Agriculture.Komana, Sekepe Michael
2006Electronic, optical and atomistic studies of PtSb2 and PtBi2Mangwejane, Samuel Seshupo