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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Comparison of vulnerability of orphaned adolecsents to non-orphaned adolescents in the rural Hlabisa district of South AfricaMokgatle-Nthabu, Mathilda; Adam, Ahmed G.M.
2005Comparison of water quality between sources and between selected villages in the Waterberg District of Limpopo Province; South Africa: with special reference to chemical and microbial quality.Makgoka, Seretloane Japhtaline
2012Compensation as a remedy for unfair dismissal : a comparison of South African and Australian labour lawOdeku, K. O.; Ndobela, Remember Kanego
2010Compliance of registered health research ethics committees with South African research ethics guidelinesMolebatsi, Thabo Isaac
2012Compliance with drug treatment among patients with tuberculosis in the Shiluvane Local Area, Mopani District. Limpopo ProvinceMpolokeng, M. B. L.; Mabitsela, Moorane Sarah
2010The Complications associated with traditional circumcision among young Xhosa males seen at Lucy's Hospital Tsolo Eastern CapeNdimane, V. J.; Govender, I.; Ankie, U. L.
2013Computational modeling studies of cobalt pentlandite (Co₉S₈)Ngoepe, P.E.; Mehlape, Mofuti Amos; Parker, S.C.
2009Computational studies of pyrite-and marcasite-type structures; OsAs2, OsS2, RuAs2, and RuS2Ngoepe, P.E.; Chauke, H.R.; Rapetsoa, Mamphule Johannes
2006Computational studies of structural properties of both calciumoxide and calcium suphideNgoepe, P.E.; Ramusi, Matome Jack; Wright, K.V.
2011Computer modelling studies of gold nanoclusters, nanotubes and nanowiresNgoepe, P.E.; Mahladisa, Mokete Abram; Ackermann, L.
2007Computer modelling studies of the diffusion of low moleculer weight cyclic PDMS oligomer in PDMS polymerNgoepe, P.E.; Kubai, Thomas; Ackermann, L.
2005Computer simulation study of apatite mineral surfaces and interfaces with silicatesNgoepe, P.E.; Mkhonto, Donald; de Leeuw, N.H.
2008Computer simulations of structural and mechanical properties of cellulose allomorphsNgoepe, P.E.; Mashapa, Matete Gilbert; Ackermann, L.
2007The conservation of the short clawed-lark : Certhilauda chuanaEngelbrecht, Derek; Grosel, Joseph Ivan; Dippenaar, Susan
2007The constitution, administrative justice and social grants: unravelling the malaise in Eastern Cape Welfare DepartmentMaloka, T.C.; Maila, Malose Isaac
2014The constitutional interpretation of the "best interest" of the child and the application thereof by the courtsSpijker, G. H. A.; Chidi, Mammule Peter
2012Construction of a model for human rights education in the health professionsVan Aswegen, E. J.; Alberts, U. U.; Mokoena, Joyce Desia
2013The construction of gender inequality within households in the context of a democratic dispensation:A case study of Makanye village, Limpopo ProvinceSebola, M.P.; Mokoele, Ngoako Johannes
2014"Constructive dismissal in South Africa prospects and challenges"Letseku, R.; Thulare, Mabjana Petunia
2011Contraceptive use among people living with HIV and AIDS from selected communities in Siteki, SwazilandFernandes, L.; Thwala, Ncamsile Celiwe