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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009Computational studies of pyrite-and marcasite-type structures; OsAs2, OsS2, RuAs2, and RuS2Ngoepe, P.E.; Chauke, H.R.; Rapetsoa, Mamphule Johannes
2006Computational studies of structural properties of both calciumoxide and calcium suphideNgoepe, P.E.; Ramusi, Matome Jack; Wright, K.V.
2011Computer modelling studies of gold nanoclusters, nanotubes and nanowiresNgoepe, P.E.; Mahladisa, Mokete Abram; Ackermann, L.
2007Computer modelling studies of the diffusion of low moleculer weight cyclic PDMS oligomer in PDMS polymerNgoepe, P.E.; Kubai, Thomas; Ackermann, L.
2005Computer simulation study of apatite mineral surfaces and interfaces with silicatesNgoepe, P.E.; Mkhonto, Donald; de Leeuw, N.H.
2008Computer simulations of structural and mechanical properties of cellulose allomorphsNgoepe, P.E.; Mashapa, Matete Gilbert; Ackermann, L.
2007The conservation of the short clawed-lark : Certhilauda chuanaEngelbrecht, Derek; Grosel, Joseph Ivan; Dippenaar, Susan
2007The constitution, administrative justice and social grants: unravelling the malaise in Eastern Cape Welfare DepartmentMaloka, T.C.; Maila, Malose Isaac
2014The constitutional interpretation of the "best interest" of the child and the application thereof by the courtsSpijker, G. H. A.; Chidi, Mammule Peter
2012Construction of a model for human rights education in the health professionsVan Aswegen, E. J.; Alberts, U. U.; Mokoena, Joyce Desia
2013The construction of gender inequality within households in the context of a democratic dispensation:A case study of Makanye village, Limpopo ProvinceSebola, M.P.; Mokoele, Ngoako Johannes
2014"Constructive dismissal in South Africa prospects and challenges"Letseku, R.; Thulare, Mabjana Petunia
2011Contraceptive use among people living with HIV and AIDS from selected communities in Siteki, SwazilandFernandes, L.; Thwala, Ncamsile Celiwe
2007Contract-farming : a case study of sunflower farming in the Bojanala district of the North West ProvinceAnim, F.D.K.; Raphala, Balefilwe Solomon
2013The contribution of community education towards reducing child abuse : a participatory action research approachRampedi, M. A.; Mabade, Avhurengwi Samson
2010The contribution of media exposure towards the functionality of dysfunctional schools in Limpopo Province : a case of selected schools in Capriconrn District.Sebola, M.P.; Machaka, Ramadimetja Mercy
2010The contribution of media exposure towards the functionality of dysfunctional schools in Limpopo Province: A case of selected schools in the Capricorn DistrictSebola, M.P.; Machaka, Ramadimetja Mercy
2013The contribution of Small, Medium and Micro Enterprises towards Local Economic Development in Mankweng Township, Limpopo ProvinceSebola, M. P.; Maloka, Caswell Mahlankgoane
2013Contribution of tourism to economic development in the BaPhalaborwa area in Limpopo ProvinceBurman, C.; Mathebula, Benjamin Magezi
2014The contributions of smallholder subsistence agriculture towards rural household food security in Maroteng Village, Limpopo ProvinceTsheola, J. P.; Mashamaite, Kgalema Abbyton