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Title: An investigation of the effects of police suicide on the well-being of the South African Police Service members in Polokwane,an area in Limpopo Province.
Authors: Mokgobu, Tebogo Suzan
Keywords: Not available
Issue Date: 12-May-2010
Abstract: The study is entitled “the effects of police suicide on the well-being of the South African Police Service members in Limpopo”. The study focuses on suicide among members of the South African Police, as this is a serious problem. Police officers are more likely to commit suicide more than members of the general population. The high stressful nature of police work has been cited by police officers to be the primary contributing factor. Suicide among the police officers has a negative impact on their colleagues. They suffer set-backs and as such it affects both their work productivity and morale. This study is comprised of four chapters. Chapter 1 This chapter is mainly an introduction to the study. The chapter includes the problem statement, motivation for the study, aims and objectives and the importance of the study. The chapter also outlines the methodology of the study, the definition of key concepts used in the study and the limitations of the study. Chapter 2 Chapter 2 comprises the literature background for the study. The literature focuses largely on the causes of suicide, aspects that influences suicide, and suicide prevention programmes. The literature reflects on how suicide survivors react to police suicide and also on the services of counseling offered by South African Police. This chapter further discusses the police organizational culture and South African Police Services (SAPS) framework V Chapter 3 Chapter 3 focuses on data analysis and interpretation of the findings of the study. The analysis focuses on the respondents’ personal background and how suicide affect colleagues, families and society at large as recorded during interviews. Chapter 4 Chapter 4 concludes the study by discussing and presenting a summary of the findings of the study and the implications thereof. A conclusive report is made and recommendations for reducing the high rate of suicide in SAPS and for further research are made.
Description: Thesis (M.Dev) --University of Limpopo,2006.
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