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Title: Exploring the integration of indigenous beliefs in the teaching and learning of school sciences: a case study on lightning
Authors: Pabale, Morongwa Fonthy
Keywords: Not available
Issue Date: 28-May-2010
Abstract: This research study was carried out to explore the integration of Indigenous Knowledge Systems with a science topic, as advocated by the South African policy document called the National Curriculum Statement. The focus was on the integration of Indigenous Beliefs about lightning with the teaching of Static Electricity. The sample consisted of all my grade 10 learners who are eleven in number and one elder per learner, thus a sample of 22 people was made use of. The research process took place in two phases: the Baseline Study and the Teaching and Learning Process. The intention was to use data collected in the first phase to design the teaching and learning activities in the second phase. A series of four lessons was designed, and a variety of qualitative methods were used to collect data: interviews, questionnaires, and constructivist techniques. The findings presented in this research study are based on an analysis of four videotaped lessons and learners’ responses from the worksheets and evaluation forms. These findings suggest that for maximum results, the integration of Indigenous Knowledge Systems should be an ongoing process.
Description: Thesis (MSc Ed) --University of Limpopo, 2006.
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