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Title: How do schools manage safety?
Authors: Monkwe, C
Keywords: School safety
Backenberg District
School Governing Body
Issue Date: 2005
Abstract: This study is based on the research conducted in the Bakenberg District on the strategies and policies that the secondary schools employ to protect educators and learners from being harmed and attacked in school premises by thugs, dropouts or even learners present in school. The educators, learners and School Governing Bodies (SGB) were interviewed to capture the methods they applied in order to maintain safety in schools. The research also tried to capture the understanding of the stakeholders of the existing legislation about their safety in schools and the implementation thereof. It is imperative that the stakeholders should have the knowledge and the understanding of the relevant legislation and also acquire the skills to implement the legislations and policies. There is also a need for the School Governing Bodies to be trained on the legislation on conflict and resolution management.
Description: Thesis (MEd.) -- University of Limpopo, 2005
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