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Title: Factors contributing towards poor performance of grade 12 learners at Manoshi and Mokwatedi High Schools.
Authors: Rammala, Mokgaetsi Salome
Keywords: Poor performance
Grade 12 learners
home and school environment
medium of instruction
university entrance
Issue Date: 2009
Abstract: The purpose of this study was to investigate factors contributing towards the poor performance of Grade 12 learners at two selected high schools, which fall within low quintiles in Limpopo Province. Specifically, the study focused on low Grade 12 outputs in relation to access to university. Due to the exploratory nature of the study and the holistic approach that was undertaken both the home and school environments were targeted as points of investigation. Multiple methods of data collection were used. First, data were collected through individual interviews with learners, educators, principals, and parents. Second, an observation method was used to collect data, such as, time management by learners, their behavioral patterns inside and outside the classroom and in the schoolyard. Finally, document analysis was used to analyse the attendance and performance of learners on attendance registers, quarterly and half yearly schedules, and mark sheets. Key findings of this research suggest that the home environment of learners is not educationally supportive due to poverty, which includes factors such as parents’ low-level of education, high unemployment rate, child-headed families, unpredictable home environment, emotional problems and issues relating to gender roles. In the school environment, the study showed the following causative factors: lack of facilities, unavailable learner support materials, lack of discipline, English as a medium of instruction, heavy workload due to rationalisation and redeployment of educators, and confusion with regard to the application of the new curriculum (National Curriculum Statement). As a result, the study concluded that both home and school environment factors collaborate in producing poor Grade 12 results in the schools. Recommendations are made for attention to be given to these factors by all educational stakeholders. Directions are suggested for future research on poor performance and university access.
Description: Thesis (M.Dev) --University of Limpopo, 2009.
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