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Title: Diglossia and code switching at Mokopane
Authors: Rammala, J.R
Matji, Raisibe Patricia
Keywords: Diglossia
Code switching
Issue Date: 2010
Abstract: This research is intended as a tool to survey the state of Sindebele, the speech variety that is predominantly spoken at Mokopane in the Limpopo Province of South Africa. The study will inform the reader, making use of a sociolinguistic approach, about the language situation at Mokopane. The study further provides a factual account as to what is happening at Mokopane concerning the two commonly spoken speech forms, that is, Sepedi and Sindebele. Furthermore, it presents ideas and insights in order to stimulate academic debates on the differences between isiNdebele and Sindebele and how the authorities are approaching the whole idea of Sindebele as a minority language. The researcher used the qualitative method to have more insight into the language situation of the area. The tool the researcher will use in this research will be the structured interview that will enable her to obtain the required sample of the respondents. The main aim of the researcher to conduct this research is to analyse the linguistic situation to understand the socio-political situation of the area. The researcher has found that the issue of Sindebele is more of a political nature than social. The Sindebele speakers’ concern about the revival of their speech form seems to have gone in one ear and out the other, as a result, Sindebele may totally not be given recognition as a subject in schools. Finally, the researcher gives general recommendations for improving the status of Sindebele.
Description: Thesis (M.A (Translation studies and linguistics )) --University of Limpopo (Turfloop Campus), 2010.
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