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Title: The effect of incest on the interpersonal relationships of young adult females seen at a private clinic in Pretoria: a preliminary investigation
Authors: Vorster, Charl
Crause, Estelle
Keywords: Incest
Issue Date: 2010
Abstract: It is believed that one of the consequences of incest is that it has an effect on the social interaction and interpersonal relationships of incest survivors, which affects effective functioning, coping, and adaptation into adulthood. The aim of this study was to determine the effect of incestuous abuse on the interpersonal relationships of young adult females in an urban setting in Pretoria. The research looked at the effects of incestuous relationships on the interpersonal relationships of young adult females with specific reference to the South African context. The research was conducted through the use of in-depth qualitative interviews, and the sample consisted of four females who experienced incestuous abuse as children and received intensive therapy as young adults. The interviews where analysed by three qualified and experienced Clinical Psychologists in accordance with qualitative methodology, after which the findings of the three analyses were compared. The objectives of the study were to determine whether, a) incestuous abuse has an effect on the interpersonal relationships of young adult females; b) incest affects the way in which young adult females experience their interpersonal relationships, and; c) young adult females experience any difficulties in their interpersonal relationships. The above objectives of the research project were met, with some of the main themes identified being: difficulty with trust in relationships, distancing, and isolating behaviour within interpersonal relationships. Furthermore, due to the small sample utilised in the present research project, it was not representative of the specific population and it is recommended that the current study should be repeated on a larger, more representative sample of young adult females who were victims of incest in their earlier life.
Description: Thesis (M. Med. (Clinical Psychology))--University of Limpopo, 2010.
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