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Title: Basic infrastructure services provision by Polokwane Local Municipality in Limpopo Province
Authors: Pelser, G.P.J.
Mojapelo, Hlalefang Lesley
Keywords: Municipal services
Municipal government
Issue Date: 2010
Abstract: The research focuses on the effectiveness of Polokwane Local Municipality to provide basic infrastructure services, adherence to project management principles and the involvement of communities in project implementation. Provision of basic infrastructure project has always been a challenge to local government. Polokwane Municipality as part of local government is mandated to fulfil constitutional obligations to ensure that provision of sustainable, effective and efficient municipal services to the communities, while promoting social and economical development. Quantitative research methodology was used in this research; the primary source was the questionnaire while the secondary sources include books, journals, dissertations and reports. The population in the study include community members, ward committee members or councillors, managers and technicians of the Polokwane municipal area. The findings revealed that the municipality is performing well in project scope management. Other project knowledge area such as project time management, project quality management, project human resource and project communication management requires more attention as they are not performing well. Project cost management is perceived to be performing well from the community and councillors side while officials see it differently. The research recommends that the municipality should ensure that the community members are involved during the project implementation. It further recommend that the municipality should implement cost recovery, develop policies to deal with quality management, train officials, instil project ownership to the communities and do proper project planning analysis before project implementation.
Description: Thesis (MBA) -- University of Limpopo, 2010
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