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Title: Human capacity challenges facing the Vhembe Further Education and Training College in the Limpopo Province
Authors: Ahwireng-Obeng, Frederick
Raphulu, Matevhutevhu Ruth
Keywords: Human capacity
Issue Date: 2011
Abstract: The research report seeks to investigate and analyse the performance of the Vhembe FET College as compared to the national objectives for Human Resources Management and the formulation of a meaningful policy and practice of effective human resources development practice Design/methodology/approach:The research report is based on an in-depth literature of review of human resources development (HRD) and primary sources data.Primary data generated from self-completeing questionaire and interview schedule tools covering small distinct group of fifty employees selected from three campuses and the central office of Vhembe FET College.Findings:Amongst others,it was found that Vhembe FET College indeed has human capacity challenges which manifest by at least four major issues.These pertain to the level of the personnel's awareness and knowledge about the college's human resources development function,selection of personnel for human resources training courses,the relevance of the HRD training courses to the nature of specific job performance,and the quality of post-training support system.Pratical implications:Addressing the human resource capacity challenges has enormous strategic and financial resource implications for policy makers in transition and developing economies,due to their over-reliance on external donors for funding.:Originality/value:The research report provides an answer to the need to develop processes which is linked to a national strategy of training college lectures and ensuring that there is a coherent framework of lecturere development.Of much value is that the results were from the perspective of the selected employees whose day-to-day inputs are critical for efficiency and effectiveness of college management and planning.
Description: Thesis (MPA.) --University of Limpopo, 2011
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