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Title: The impact of water problems on the development of Mhangweni Community, Limpopo Province: South Africa
Authors: Moyo, T.
Nkwinika, Mdanisi Joseph
Keywords: Water problems
Issue Date: 2007
Abstract: This qualitative study investigated the impact of water problems on the development of Mhangweni community in Limpopo Province. The study also assessed the Greater Tzaneen Municipality strategies for addressing water problems in the community. Mhangweni village is within the Greater Tzaneen Municipality‚Äôs area of jurisdiction and is about 34 km east of Tzaneen. Questionnaires, observation and informal discussions from the sample were used to collect data. Eighty households from Mhangweni residents, the municipality officials and the community ward councilor were sampled. Water shortage is a serious challenge facing the households from this area. It is heart breaking as the results showed that the households of Mhangweni do not receive regular municipal water services. Households suffer economically in order to have access to water; as a result they are financially affected due to buying of water. The Greater Tzaneen Municipality must find a common ground and strategy to serve the long term interest of the Mhangweni households, that is, to provide them with regular water services. Development of a shared vision among all stakeholders has been seen as a prerequisite for the improvement in provision of services in the community. In conclusion the study suggests and recommends that the community households and the municipality must work together in order to satisfy needs of the community.
Description: Thesis (M.Dev.) --University of Limpopo, 2007
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